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Q. What is a 3D Lasered Photo Crystal?

A. We use advanced 3D conversion software to turn your normal photograph into 3D. We convert the head and shoulder area of humans,cats and dogs. We create a cloud file which comprises of hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of laserable dots which are then lasered directly into K9 optically perfect crystal with our sub surface lasering machines. It is quite a time consuming and complex process which if done correctly results in a beautiful 3D image inside the crystal itself.

Q. What type of photo works best for 3D?

A. Well focused,bright photos with good natural light and the subject(s) looking toward the camera will work best. Try to avoid the following:

If you would like advice on any photo prior to purchase then send the photo by email to enquiries@3dphotocrystalgift.co.uk and we can advise if it is suitable and if not what type of photo will work better.